Estate Planning for Born Again Christians

Estate Planning for Born-Again Christians

“Estate Plan” -- the term sounds as if it were coined only for those with sprawling mansions. On the contrary, your “estate” is simply a collective term for your belongings, whether you own a modest home, a mansion, or no home at all.  Estate plans help distribute the belongings and assets we leave behind. But for born-again Christians, estate planning can reach beyond our belongings and declare the name of Him whom we belong to. It presents a unique evangelism opportunity to point our loved ones to Christ our Savior.   
 The last thing Jesus said to his disciples before he ascended to the Father was “be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.” With the help of the Final Harvest DVD, evangelism will be the last thing you do in this life when you meet your Savior- expressing His message of hope and eternal life to those you leave behind.
The DVD is an instructional overview for creating a last will and testament and planning for our loved ones (even pets).  Topics such as probate, power of attorney, executor duties are covered in layman terms. While these subjects may seem ordinary, witnessing through your estate plan is rather extraordinary. Think about it... in the midst their grief, your preparations provide His comfort, His love, His gospel.   
The premise for an estate plan is, of course, our impending deaths. As born-again Christians, however, we must consider the possibility of NOT dying.  Should Christ return for His church in our lifetime (the rapture), our departure from this earth will leave loved ones lost and looking for answers.  Final Harvest considers this possibility and provides answers through your preparation.
As we work through the steps of Christian estate planning for our inevitable deaths, the ultimate goal of the Final Harvest DVD is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and His message of eternal life to those you love.

INCLUDED ON THE DVD: Step-by-step video instructions, editable Word documents and witnessing tools to create a last will and testament that factors in end times prophesy. It is applicable for death or raptured church. The DVD also features a special overview segment for you to share with your executors

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