An estate plan can be used for witnessing for Christ.
For many people, preparing to make a will is an unpleasant necessity. But for born-again Christians, it provides unique opportunities to share your faith with the loved ones you’ve left behind and comfort them with the assurance that you are joyfully with God in His Holy Kingdom.

Final Harvest DVD is a step-by-step tutorial that guides you through preparation of your Christian will from a biblical perspective for both natural death, and the possibility of the rapture in your lifetime. In addition to stating your last wishes, your Christian will becomes a means for witnessing to loved ones who remain behind and expresses a desire for them to repent of their sins and trust in Christ as their Lord and Savior. Tell them of God’s glorious grace & magnificent plan of salvation.

INCLUDED ON THE DVD: Step-by-step video instructions, editable Word documents and witnessing tools to create a last will and testament that factors in end times prophesy. It is applicable for death or raptured church. The DVD also features a special overview segment for you to share with your executors.

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Order the Final Harvest DVD